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HNBR O Rings are made of hydrogenated nitrile, which is specifically designed to outperform traditional NBR materials in terms of temperature and fuel resistance. HNBR O Rings offers resistant to abrasion. They stay strong under compressions that is why they are preferred in a host of applications and are always in demand. We are one of the world’s largest inventories of HNBR O Rings. To order HNBR O Rings that are in stock and ready to ship today, use our simple online ordering system.

HNBR O Rings also offers resistant to fluids, fats – animal and vegetable, fuel (diesel), ozone, gas, bases and acids (dilute). HNBR O Rings are also resistant to new bio-oils (biological oils). HNBR is resistant to abrasion and is suitable for high dynamic loads.

HNBR O Rings are widely used in the automotive and oil industries. Chloroprene (CR) and Fluor elastomer (FKM) are popular materials in old air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, with coolant systems of HCFC (or CFC) and mineral oil.

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